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Monday, May 27, 2013

March Against Monsanto Poem 25 May 2013

by Simric Yarrow

Nature is not a straight line from perfect pesticide to plastic plate
DNA is not a rancid relic awaiting reconstruction
Soil is more than dusty stuff needing to be cleansed
And our Big Mama Planet is no junkie lying back anticipating a
monstrous Monsanto fumble-fiddle fix
We are not separate from the ground our feet touch today
And so we have tuned our inner ears, and we hear that
beyond the dull-dry treble techno-beat of flashy fast-food farming with its exotic toxicity
Nature is actually a vast vibrant feat of complex holy engineering
Erupting in a constant fractal-feedback of volcano-juice and greenwood gifts
Guiding those who husband her with spiral-flows and season-signs
Trees that love hugs and songbirds that love bugs
Bugs that dance for balance in the fields between the cycles of life and death
knowing autumn’s fungus will lead to the buds of spring
knowing, when we support her with care, we will witness abundant harvests
arising before our eyes, even as we sing
our most perfect appreciation of natural inspiration and organic opulence
We are listening, we are choosing to lay down our agri-weapons for the sake of
our bodies and the body of the earth and
We call on the CEOs with grandchildren on the way to join us